BeNN’s Ecology commitment

Until now, all our products are packed in plastic pots. They are not too bad, if well recycled the impact in the environment is not too drastic. But, we want to do more and we have decided to change our packaging to a more ecologically friendly solution. The transition has started but ofcoarse we can not change everything at once. That is why we decided to start with our bestseller BeCAA! In November, BeCAA will be back in stock at BeNN but in its new packaging, new design, more ecological and with new tastes.
Along with our commitment we want to make space for the new more ecologically friendly products. Help us by profiting from our great sales pricing to get rid of those plastic pots, just remember to recycle them!
Our new packaging will be introduced one after the other with the goal to take an ecological responsibility! If you have any other suggestions on how we can get more ecological responsible, please do not hesitate to reach out to us! 

Let's be eco-friendly!